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Every Child Blooms!.


This is the first post of my new blog, teachingtips4specialed. At present, I am not teaching due to some minor health issues, but decided I can still help children, teachers and parents, even if I am not in the classroom.

After teaching for many years, I discovered that any student can be reached. Just like a rose, all of our children are blooming. Some bloom faster, some slower – some bloom fully, some partially – but they all bloom. Just as with flowers, not everything works with children to teach them. All flowers don’t grow the same – each breed, even various flowers in the same genre, need different things to grow completely . So it is with our children. One teaching method doesn’t fit all.

While there are standard tips and methoed that work – and those will be discussed throughout this blog – a creative teacher sometimes tailors her teaching for one specific student in her classroom. That is one of the best things about teaching in the field. A Special Education teacher often finds that she has fewer students, so each receives more teacher time. There is just no way a teacher of 30 students can tailor lessons for each child, however a Special Education teacher with 8 children in her classroom can tailor a general lesson while adding elements for children who need special methods and instructional strategies.

Many of these method, tips and strategies work great for home schooled students and parents helping their children with homework. You have the unique advantage of being your child’s teacher at home, whether homeschooling or helping with school work. You alone really know your child and what helps him learn. Sometimes what worked one day won’t the next. That is where patience comes in handy and creativity helps. Be creative in teaching your child and enjoy the process.

As this blog goes forward, I hope you will share what has worked with your child, regardless of their learning disability. Don’t think that this blog will only concentrate on those specifically labeled as Special Education. The learning disabled child also needs help.

An important thing for all parents and teachers of Special children to remember is that all children have an area where they excel. Don’t let a score or diagnostic test limit your view of your child. Many psychologists now divide intelligence into as many as 9 different categories. We have all seen the profoundly challenged student who can not talk but can play Chopin on the piano, flawlessly. Many people can attest that their mentally challenged child will have a unique ability. Dr Howard Gardner from Howard University was the first to come up with the theory of multiple intelligences.

Above all, enjoy your child and enjoy this blog. I hope this becomes an interactive site where the reader feels welcome and a part of the blogging experience. Please pass this blog on to those whom you know will be interested. And last but not least, happy learning!


Me- Dahloan Hembree

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